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Mitigating Choice Overload in System Design

In our previous post we considered the effect of Choice Overload on the conversion rate of customized products. Today we’ll explore how to mitigate this problem. Daniel McFadden, an economist at Berkeley, says (bear with me) that consumers find too many options troubling because of the “risk of misperception and miscalculation, of misunderstanding the available… Continue reading Mitigating Choice Overload in System Design

System Design

Choice overload in System Design

Since the early aughts, Mass Customization has cemented itself into the modern retail landscape with much success. Over the years we’ve learned some things – most notably, that under certain circumstances throwing heaps of options at our consumers has a surprisingly debilitating effect. Many of you have heard of the Jam Experiment, where Stanford student… Continue reading Choice overload in System Design


Cancun, a study in short gains that wrecked a brand

Trading brand integrity for short term gain is a rookie mistake. Frequent discount campaigns could be trashing your brand. How did Cancun become a discount destination for Spring Break? In 1988, the average room was around $300 – it was an exclusive, up market resort town. Then hurricane Gilbert came along, trashed the town and… Continue reading Cancun, a study in short gains that wrecked a brand

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Are you smarter than a prescriptivist?

Here’s an Editorial example from 2015. Personally I fall somewhere between mild irritation related to the incorrect usage of the language and an “Oh god, here comes this jackass schooling us on dangling participles on Facebook again”. Regardless of your thoughts on the subject, the results of this study are worth a gander. ________ What is it… Continue reading Are you smarter than a prescriptivist?

System Design

Guided Discovery :: Trusted curation in online retail

Time to talk about Guided Discovery or what Mark Cuban calls Trusted Curation: For the uninitiated, Guided Discovery is closely related to product Customization. But rather than creating your own unique version of a product, you’re creating a unique way to shop – or it’s being created for you. Rather than the spray and pray approach… Continue reading Guided Discovery :: Trusted curation in online retail


The Made in America movement :: Growing up and going strong

Remember green washing? Some marketing specialists claim that it stymied the long term acceptance of the Green movement by mainstream consumers. The sentiment was there – in 2007, 9 out of 10 shoppers felt that the environmental impact of a product was important to consider when making a purchase, and 7 out of 10 would… Continue reading The Made in America movement :: Growing up and going strong


The Bernina 8 Series

Engage an enthusiast in conversation, and by the time they’re finished discussing their passion, chances are you’ll want in. Regardless of the subject matter, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the infectious enthusiasm that pours out of a true aficionado talking about their “thing”. A few years ago, while working for Sterling-Rice Group, I produced an… Continue reading The Bernina 8 Series


On Location with Monster SoundStage.

This series of four photoshoots in Denver and San Francisco was one of those “Pinch Yourself” moments for us. Thanks to all of the talent and families that participated and welcomed us into their homes. Everything Starts with the Brief. Nothing at Friend Or Foe happens without clear direction and goals. Have a look at… Continue reading On Location with Monster SoundStage.


A Case for Pro Bono Work in Business Today

Just what the hell is pro bono publico and why should you care? Simply put, it’s donating work that benefits the greater good – a seemingly selfless act that helps the recipient of the work or the community at large. In the legal field this may be something like representing a poor mother of 3… Continue reading A Case for Pro Bono Work in Business Today