About Betts

Like most, I’m tempted to write my bio in the third person. It just sounds so much cooler. It’s the text version of the slow motion opening shot in Reservoir Dogs. Anyway, I’ll resist the urge. Read on.

Over 15 years in the advertising industry as a Project Manager, Interactive Producer and then Creative Director with Saatchi & Saatchi, Xylem Interactive, Sterling-Rice Group, Akavit and finally my own company FRIEND OR FOE, I’ve built a portfolio of large projects with many high profile brands. I’m a lifer in this business. I love it – even in the worst of times, there’s nothing that I’d rather do.

As of August 2015, I’m the proud proprietor of Friend or Foe, LLC. I’m still close with my friend Rob Davis at Akavit and will continue to partner with them for our heavier development needs. But for me, the time has come.

Friend Or Foe is here to provide our clients with world class Content Design, Visual Design and social campaigns coupled with seasoned creative leadership and ideation teams. We’re experts at dreaming up and executing big ideas that drive sales and growth. We’re small, quick, obscenely experienced and often obnoxiously passionate. What we’re not is a cookie cutter design shop looking to build you a website, and move on. We’re interested in maintaining a few, long-term clients for which we go to battle every day. We’re loyal professionals that take the honor of working on your brand very seriously and our goal is always a long, fruitful engagement.

As the owner and Creative Director, I’m in charge of building and fostering an environment where our creatives can do the best work of their careers. There’s a sales element, an idea generation element, a management element, a creative direction element and a copywriting element (no design for me, I’m simply the worst). What? A Creative Director that didn’t climb the ranks from visual Designer? Yes, in fact, great CDs come from every background on Earth. “Great CDs are chameleons who understand the balance between concepts & strategy, and copy & design” Read more on this topic in The Denver Egotist.

That’s me. That’s us. Thanks for visiting.


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