About Betts


Hello. My name is Rob Betts and I’m a maker, creator and, tinkerer with 12+ years of experience in the trenches of Advertising and Digital Marketing. My main goal in any professional situation is to put my people in a position to do the best work of their careers. I am a facilitator of big ideas and smart execution. I love to experiment, test and learn.

I’m currently in my third year with Heat Advertising as the Digital Executive Producer in San Francisco. It’s an amazing place to work.

Prior to Heat, I ran a consultancy for those looking to install or tune a digital marketing practice inside their company or traditional agency. I called this group “Friend or Foe” and we prided ourselves on exposing real truths and opportunities for our clients. The etymology of the name is rooted in the fact that we were often heroes to most but an enemy to some – by design. FoF continues as my side hustle to this day.

Before moving to California in 2015, I helped run a boutique digital agency in Denver Colorado for seven years – straight through the recession. As a managing partner and head of production, I built our creative and production practices from the ground up; staffing the departments and establishing the mission/philosophy that drove us every day.

I’m a lifer in this business. I love it. Even in the worst of times, there’s nothing else i’d rather do.

Please take a look at my woefully incomplete portfolio.


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