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Friend Or Foe partners with Digital Packaging leaders Nosco

Friend Or Foe, LLC, a digital advertising agency specializing in web-based product customizers is teaming up with on-demand digital printing pioneers Nosco, Inc. The allegiance serves to form a dream team capable of delivering the best web-based personalized product experiences ever created.

Here’s some good news from my little agency Friend Or Foe.

Official release on PR Web HERE.

Friend or Foe, a digital marketing/ideation firm specializing in web-based product customizers and Nosco, a full-service packaging solutions provider with 80+ years of experience announced a strategic partnership today. According to Robert Betts, owner of FoF, Nosco approached him earlier this year with the sole purpose of creating the most talented and experienced Mass Customization group in the business. Nosco’s vision is to offer their current and future customers (including many multi-national consumer goods companies) a turn-key custom packaging solution by coupling the web-based design and user experience talent of Friend Or Foe with the unparalleled digital printing expertise of Nosco. Craig Curran, Nosco VP of Sales and Marketing, states that “The relationship with Friend or Foe allows us to offer a full solution to consumer goods companies who want to offer personalization On-Line. Friend or Foe’s experience in this space is unmatched and we are thankful to partner with them to serve our customers.”

Consumers have enjoyed the handy work of Nosco and their incredible HP Indigo digital printers on store shelves for years. In fact, Nosco was one of the key printed packaging providers who helped Coca-Cola deliver their customized bottles for the “Share A Coke” campaign in 2014 and 2015.

Mass customization is the ability for custom products or product packaging to be produced on a scale and price similar to mass production. More specifically, what Nosco and Friend Or Foe plan to offer is a subset of Mass Customization referred to as Co-Creation. This is the marketing concept of co-opting the personal inspiration and enthusiasm of your customers and empowering them to build a unique experience around your product.

Take Dove soap as an example. A co-creation interface could enable the customer to combine many Dove products chosen specially for a friend who just had her first baby. Co-Creation happens when this personally curated collection of products is packed into a customized one-off box; created by the customer using a web-based design interface. The box might contain an image of the newborn and custom messaging to mom. The personalized care package and the experience that it delivers adds up to much more than the utility of the products inside.

Customers not only appreciate this type of product personalization but they’re beginning to expect it. The good news is that the benefits go in both directions as product customization builds brand affinity – the benefits of which go beyond a mere sales bump. Buyers of customized products tend to evangelize the brand and a long-term personal connection is formed. Lastly, this type of interaction with customers creates an invaluable two-way dialog that provides a great gauge of real-world customer sentiment and desire.

The applications of a Co-Creation system like this are endless. They work for everyday events like birthdays and holidays as well as major life milestones like graduations, weddings, and new homes. A manufacturer offering this type of service can expect it to drive sales year round. Moreover, price sensitivity drops dramatically when personalization options are involved; 40-60% price bumps are typical.

About Friend Or Foe
After 10+ years in digital adverting as a Senior Producer and Managing Partner, Robert Betts formed Friend Or Foe in 2015 to focus exclusively on product customizers. “It’s a unique proposition to shepherd a user through the creation of a customized product,” says Betts. “There are a slew of considerations based on the psychology of choice, attention decay, and decision overload. A good customizer offers enough choices to add to the perceived value of the product while avoiding superfluous clutter that slows conversions. The customizer should be utilitarian but on-brand and attractive – it should beckon the user to engage and participate. Friend Or Foe’s Experience Design, Visual Design and social strategy coupled with our seasoned creative leadership results in the best online product customizers in the world.”

About Nosco
Nosco is a full-service packaging solutions provider serving more than 350 customers in the Healthcare Industries. With more than 80 years of experience, Nosco brings business resources and technical expertise together to understand customers’ packaging challenges so that they can deliver customized solutions. They focus on service to help improve efficiencies related to supply chain, cycle time, lean initiatives, and product launches. Nosco is a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc. and is a 100% employee-owned company.

Media Contacts:

Heather Hill | Marketing Manager
651 S.M.L. King, Jr. Ave
Waukegan, IL

Friend Or Foe
Robert Betts | Owner
3867 Utica St
Denver, CO

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